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Born out of his passion for adventure, travel, flying and mechanical engineering Dan Feldman formed the Dragon Paramotor Company. The ongoing success of Diamond Door and Hardware, Inc.,  a company which Dan founded in 1993 has allowed him the freedom to pursue his crazy ideas, dreams, and projects.


Dan’s love for paramotor flying, coupled with his engineering mind, created a drive to design and build a paramotor of his own. Dan’s over the top attention to detail, meticulous skill set, and wealth of design-build experience pushed Dan to set a personal goal of building the Dragon Paramotor.


Using a portion of his existing facility Dan designed a quality-controlled environment to produce the Dragon Paramotor. Dan and his team know that the experience a Dragon Paramotor owner will have will surpass all expectations.


Dan’s faith, character, ethics, and personality are the foundation of who he is. Each individual who purchases a Dragon Paramotor is getting more than a product, they are entering a relationship with a new friend.


Dan lives by the words of the Apostle Paul in Colossians 3:17, which says, “Everything you say or do should be done as a representative of the Lord Jesus, and let it be through Him that you give thanks to God the Father.”


Dan lives in Waymart Pa, with his wife Yean, they have four children and 5 grandchildren. Dan and Yean invite you to stop by and visit them anytime you are in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Dan with his wife Yean! 

Eric Dufour, a pioneer in the paramotor sport, made the trip from his home in Jasper Florida to the home of The Dragon in Waymart PA, just to test fly The Dragon!

Eric has been in the paramotor sport for over 28 years! He specializes in quad and trike training. His full training facility in Jasper Florida is where he works his magic, giving every trainee the knowledge and experience they need to take flight on their own. You can visit his website at to check him out for yourself! 

We, at Dragon PPG, are honored to have had Eric Dufour be the first to take flight in The Dragon! 

"Superb Craftmanship! Flew the Dragon PPG, Great Unit!" 

----Eric Dufour

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